Closer than home pt.I

Closer than home pt.I

Personal project

Memories merge with dreams. Everyday life. Fragments of memories and moments of vulnerability and longing. Suburban life is a seemingly dark and lonely living in twilight. Reminders of existence and life. A desire for something else.

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I started working on this personal collection of images, trying to reflect emotions of nostalgia and the sometimes creeping darkness of the unknown. The project has been there, in the background, as a way for me to comprehend, but also to figure out where I am and what goes on around me. Drawing from my own experiences I question how we choose to remember and why.

The project was exhibited at Uppsala Konstmuseum in association Uppsala Universitets Konstvetenskapliga Förening in 2012 and again in 2014 at Galleri Tu.

In spring of 2014 the project was made into a handmade book. First shown at Galleri Tu in Stockholm. View a few of the pages below. Thanks to Flodstrands Bokbinderi for an excellent job binding the book and a big thanks to Kalle Sanner and Yrkeshögskolan Göteborg for making it possible.