Döden & hästen – 2019-04-01

In collaboration with Byrd Stockholm two of my images from Elsewhere is printed on tote bags made of organic cotton. This will be a limited run, if you want one, don´t sleep on it. You´ll find them at Byrd Stockholm.
Huge thanks to Byrd Stockholm and Victor Modin for making these!

Sharksleep – 2018-12-04

Check out Sharksleep. I made the art.

Göteborgs Varvshistoriska Förening – 2016-10-01

In may this year me and Josefine Olander started a collaboration with Göteborgs Varvshistoriska Förening (Gothenburg historical shipyard association), doing restoration and printing of old photographs that’s been shot in the harbour area in Gothenburg during the 1930s and onward. We make the neccecery adjustments to make them purchasable for the public, such as removing stains, scratches and dust.
This service is very important to us as the harbour area is changing and will soon lose the iconic cranes that has been a landmark for Gothenburg for a long time. We hope to preserve at least some of the old glory.

A website where you can view and order prints is on it´s way and I will update as soon as it hits the web.

Frukta inte skogen 2014

It´s closing in. Second year of Frukta inte skogen festival starts this friday, 3rd of july! Two full days of awesome music, art and people, all centered around a beautiful farm with a lake and forest around it. It´s really something else. If you missed it last year, well, then you missed something very special. But, I´ll give you a chance to see some of last years festivities in this pre-festival-pictures-gallery magazine. (Click on the image below to view)

Please enjoy and share as you like!


In january myself and photographer Marcus Gyllborg started planing CLOSED CAPTIONS, a small preview exhibition to showcase some images from our latest projects.
We´ve been working on these photo-essays for about one and a half years and now feel we want to share. The pictures I will show is from my diary project Elsewhere (which you can view and read about here) and I really look forward to sharing them with you!
CLOSED CAPTIONS is a preview of two different personal, photographic works. Both photographers use the form of expression for similar purposes but are exploring their worlds through various methods. The projects are a self-examination through documenting the circumstances, the people and the environment that surrounds them. One has chosen to travel and investigate where his roots originate, while the other has delved into how memories of the past connect to the present. Through photography both are trying to get a deeper understanding of where an unforeseeable future may lead them.

Join us at Galleri Närbild in Lund, Sweden on may 15th for some wine, good company and of course, to look at some pictures!

Two thousand and fourteen

This one has truly been an exciting year. New projects formed, finished older ones, new collaborations is on the rise and shooting images is more fun and more necessary than ever. And that´s just the tip everything that has happend in two thousand and fourteen. Next year I plan a new type of publication for visual artists and a magazine of sorts connected to the frukta inte skogen festival. More on that later so keep checking in.

Now it´s time for me to get some well deserved sleep. And you should get some too.

Happy new year!

Group exhibition at Galleri TU

Here is an image from the small group exhibition at Galleri TU where I displayed a few images from Closer than home pt.I together with the handmade book. Information about the project and images of the book can be found and viewed here.

image by: Martin Nyberg

Press image for Wouie

Earlier this year I shot some images of the electronic musical duo Wouie in Stockholm. Below is one of them.

Closer than home pt.I exhibition

A few years has past since i started working on this personal collection of images, trying to reflect emotions of nostalgia and the sometimes creeping darkness of the unknown. The project has been there, in the background, as a way for me to comprehend, but also to figure out where i am and what goes on around me. Drawing from my own experiences i question how we choose to remember and why.
The project was exhibited at Uppsala Konstmuseum in association Uppsala Universitets Konstvetenskapliga Körening in 2012 and again in 2014 at Galleri Tu.

In spring of 2014 the project was made into a handmade book. First shown at galleri tu in stockholm. View a few of the pages below. Thanks to flodstrands bokbinderi for an excellent job binding the book and a big thanks to Kalle Sanner and Yrkeshögskolan Göteborg for making it all possible.

Blod på riktigt

In 2012 I worked together with journalist Kajsa Dragstedt on a story about american wrestling in Stockholm, Sweden. The story can now be viewed here.

Johan Lööw & Impulserna

I got a package in the mail yesterday. Johan Lööw & Impulserna is releasing their first ever album, of which I had shot the cover and Eric Ellersten designed the logo. Below is the result:


A little while back I had the honor of making some images for a new music project called Wouie. A kind of 80´s inspired electro indie music. Below is the latest image. Be sure to visit Wouie and listen to their tracks here.